President's message

A Message from Your New President

Dear friends and fellow members,

The traditional East Asian calendars have the year divided into 24 solar terms. Next Saturday, November 7 is Lidong 立冬 "Start of Winter". It reminds us the year of 2020 is coming to an end soon. Time has gone by fast this year but yet, not easy for everyone. October was a very busy and fascinating month indeed. I am relieved and pleased to see our AGM and EGM concluded with great success on October 9 during such unpredictable times, where the new term of CRECCHKI 2020/2022 began with a new Executive Committee. Here I am humbled by the tasks ahead, but grateful for the trust you’ve bestowed, and for the contributions from our past Executive Committee members whose ambitions will continuously guide us up the rugged path towards recovery and prosperity in the end. 

I wish to thank President Dr. Lam for his wonderful service to our chamber over the years, not to mention his generous support to me personally during this transition period. Charles has been a very dedicated Executive Committee member of CRECCHKI since 2011. In acknowledging his great contribution to the chamber, and serving continuity with his industry experience and network harnessed for our organisation, I am pleased to announce his appointment as Permanent Honorary President of CRECCHKI with effect from October 23, 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought economic disruptions on a monumental scale, contributing to hazardous and volatile disturbance socially, environmentally, politically and geopolitically on a global scale. Countless companies went bankrupt. Many global retailers have their worldwide stores closed permanently. There is no surprise that we are seeing the crumble of the world’s luxury apparel industry with so many renowned luxury brands discontinued production. Unemployment rate surged to an all-time high in many world’s leading nations.  The casualty list goes on and on.......  The challenges we are facing are real! Our chamber is not immune to the adversity, but we would not shy away from the challenges and we demonstrate resilience.  To comply with the social distancing rules, we have adopted virtual sharing events in lieu of physical meetings since February, but regretfully many regular member gatherings, cross-border delegation meetings had been forced to cancel. Fortunately, all of our webinars went well with great participation so far. Meanwhile, in gratitude to the support of our long supporting members, we have granted them 6 months complementary membership extension, also applicable to all new memberships until the end of 2020. 

COVID-19 pandemic however has proven to be the ultimate catalyst for digital transformation; it has demonstrated the importance of digital readiness, which allows business and people’s life to continue as usual during the onslaught. Building the necessary infrastructure to support a digitized world and staying abreast of the latest technology will be essential for any business. We feel blessed that our chamber prepared ourselves early even before the COVID-19 struck by revamping our website and creating a mobile app allowing you to communicate better with other members and receive the most updated and relevant information with just one click anytime, anywhere!  The new website has already been launched on October 9 2020, your user experience and feedback are always important for our improvement.    Meanwhile, please stay tune with us for the upcoming launch of mobile app. 
2020 is about survival and solidarity in humanity will heal the world with helping hands in abundance.  From paying private-sector wages to deep fiscal stimulus, governments around the world have acted quickly and decisively to salvage the economy. Time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit, together Hong Kong’s citizens will lay the foundations for our recovering economy and social infrastructures for a sustainable and more resilient post-COVID future.  In similar endeavours, our Executive Committee’s resolve in working to reach new milestones will be beyond question.  The success of our chamber is not only charted by the aspirations of our board, but very much dependent on the acts of our members in reaching out to every willing heart, in sharing with the less fortuned because building for the common good of the community is the surest route to sustainable prosperity

Bad times will never last. Holding up our virtues and hope, let us brave once more against the icy currents. We will without doubt ride out the storm and emerge from it ever stronger.


Natasha Ho
President - CRECCHKI
October 2020