President's message

Dear members and friends,

I smelled scent of art in May, didn’t you? Traditionally, May seems to be the month beginning to unveil the vibrant art scenes in Hong Kong. Art Basel debuts first hybrid show in Hong Kong, with the art enthusiasts’ participation  the fair resulting in strong sales despite the pandemic gloom.  'Art Basel Live: Hong Kong', brought the experience of the fair to audiences around the world through a rich digital program featuring Online Viewing Rooms, public and VIP walkthroughs live-streamed from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, as well as daily broadcasts and virtual experiences; Whilst virtual walk-throughs were attended by private collectors from over 30 countries and territories.  Apparently, our local patrons would not loose the competition to the digital participatants. All major Hong Kong institutions participated a great deal in the onsite program, including M+, Para Site, Asia Society, 1a Space, Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong Art Centre and Hong Kong Museum of Art. Running in parallel, Art Central was taking place under one roof and also concluded successfully.  

I always believe art and culture are playing a crucial role in our life, they enrich people’s lives by connecting them, inspiring them and entertaining them. Art and culture could enhance vibrancy and diversity of places and spaces, notably it transforms communities. Research has shown art affects the fundamental sense of self. Throughout history, art and culture of various kinds and forms has been part of the evolution of our societies. Painting, architecture, sculpture, music, literature and the other arts are often considered to be the repository of a society’s collective memory. Festivals, rituals, traditions, craftsmanship, languages, culinary, songs and all that jazz, are bringing stories and knowledge regarding the links between mankind and nature, in and between generations, are vital for the feeling of belonging amongst people on the earth. Interestingly, art also has a unique possibility to capture winds of change, simultaneously as it impacts the formation and evolvement of the communities and the people living there. It has a potential to convey messages, ideas, expressions where words fall short. It can connect directly to people´s heart and body, sometimes more than to the mind, which enables art to actually shift mindsets in a more profound way than other forms of communication.

What would happen when art meets real estate? Real estate and art really go hand-in-hand. Art makes the space feel more substantial and complete. Art is in life, life is in art. As many as various art forms and master pieces created by world acclaimed artists showcasing and exhibiting everywhere indoor and outdoor around our neighbourhood, whether hopping from the heritage monuments to Central Harbourfront or from one stimulating shopping mall to another, I can ensure you of wonderful surprises. let’s be your own curator to craft out your one-of-the-kind art portfolio for appreciation to make this summer an enchanting one.


Natasha Ho
President - CRECCHKI
May 2021